Day 180 – I Couldn’t Feel my Fingertips

I Couldn't Feel my Fingertips

Day 180

Zummer An’ Winter by Ingeborg Bachmann

When I led by zummer streams
The pride o’ Lea, as naighbours thought her,
While the zun, wi’ evenen beams,
Did cast our sheades athirt the water;
Winds a-blowen,
Streams a-flowen,
Skies a-glowen,
Tokens ov my jay zoo fleeten,
Heightened it, that happy meeten.

Then, when maid an’ man took pleaces,
Gay in winter’s Chris’mas dances,
Showen in their merry feaces
Kindly smiles an’ glisnen glances;
Stars a-winken,
Day a-shrinken,
Sheades a-zinken,
Brought anew the happy meeten,
That did meake the night too fleeten.


4 thoughts on “Day 180 – I Couldn’t Feel my Fingertips

  1. What a flavorful poem! For me it’s rather evocative of, say, a period Pennsylvania Dutch piece or a hobbit’s eleventy-first birthday celebration. The photo could definitely read as Hobbiton in celebratory-prep mode too. I think I need to visit there!

    • That photo was taken in my “muse” town this week: Shipshewana, IN. It is a picturesque little town, but oh, what a tourist trap on any given day of the week – everyone wants to get a gander of the Amish and their lifestyle!

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