Day 176 – Train Going Nowhere

Train Going Nowhere

Day 176

From a Railway Carriage by Robert Louis Stevenson

Faster than fairies, faster than witches,
Bridges and houses, hedges and ditches;
And charging along like troops in a battle
All through the meadows the horses and cattle:
All of the sights of the hill and the plain
Fly as thick as driving rain;
And ever again, in the wink of an eye,
Painted stations whistle by.
Here is a child who clambers and scrambles,
All by himself and gathering brambles;
Here is a tramp who stands and gazes;
And here is the green for stringing the daisies!
Here is a cart runaway in the road
Lumping along with man and load;
And here is a mill, and there is a river:
Each a glimpse and gone forever!

4 thoughts on “Day 176 – Train Going Nowhere

  1. How DOES she do it?? I *love* the rich intensity of color and value contrasts you get in your shots. Needless to say, the train is incredibly timely, even if it *isn’t* moving! I rather like the sharp contrast between the charming romp of the poem and its instant-snapshot view of life from a train, juxtaposed so nicely with a train that isn’t going that way any time again soon. Perfect.

    • If that train, actually caboose, decided to go on a romp, it would travel approximately 2 feet before derailing off the very short track. It cooperated very nicely for this photo though, I think.

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