Day 166 – Why Didn’t I See it Before?

Why Didn't I See it Before?

Day 166

Flight Of Stairs by A. S. J. Tessimond

Stairs fly as straight as hawks;
Or else in spirals, curve out of curve, pausing
At a ledge to poise their wings before relaunching.
Stairs sway at the height of their flight
Like a melody in Tristan;
Or swoop to the ground with glad spread of their feathers
Before they close them.They curiously investigate
The shells of buildings,
A hollow core,
Shell in a shell.

Useless to produce their path to infinity
Or turn it to a moral symbol,
For their flight is ambiguous, upwards or downwards as you please;
Their fountain is frozen,
Their concertina is silent.


11 thoughts on “Day 166 – Why Didn’t I See it Before?

    • Ah, thank you, Ted. After a co-worker wrinkled her nose at it and said, “Well…. If that is all you’ve got,” I was feeling quite badly about this one. It makes me feel better about it when my peers let me know it isn’t so bad!

      • Photographs, like any other art form, are subject to the interpretation and expectations of the viewer. While some will like an image, others won’t. the questions I would ask are “do you like it? and if so, what about it do you like? If not, why not? Just keep on clickin’ girl!

  1. The one who wrinkles her nose at most of my work, is the one who is upset that I did not come to her house to photograph her sunflowers, I have this reaction from her often, and it should not sting me, but I am just a woman with the usual insecurities…
    I am going to ask her just what you told me to the next time (probably Monday!!!) she wrinkles her nose as though she has smelled something bad!

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