Day 133 – My Silence is Golden

My Silence is Golden

Day 133

Aprons of Silence by Carl Sandburg

MANY things I might have said today.
And I kept my mouth shut.
So many times I was asked
To come and say the same things
Everybody was saying, no end
To the yes-yes, yes-yes, me-too, me-too.

The aprons of silence covered me.
A wire and hatch held my tongue.
I spit nails into an abyss and listened.
I shut off the gabble of Jones, Johnson, Smith.
All whose names take pages in the city directory.

I fixed up a padded cell and lugged it around.
I locked myself in and nobody knew it.
Only the keeper and the kept in the hoosegow
Knew it—on the streets, in the postoffice,
On the cars, into the railroad station
Where the caller was calling, “All a-board,
All a-board for .. Blaa-blaa .. Blaa-blaa,
Blaa-blaa .. and all points northwest .. all a-board.”
Here I took along my own hoosegow
And did business with my own thoughts.
Do you see? It must be the aprons of silence.


8 thoughts on “Day 133 – My Silence is Golden

    • This was a 10 second exposure to get the color saturation and light – it was about 7:45 pm. I didn’t even have to edit this other than levels pop to take a bit of graying out. I love it when a photo works out this way!

    • It is a wonderful spot to stand with my camera. I have used this place for many of my photos this year. Depending on the time of day, the direction of the sunlight and the weather, this place changes constantly. I am looking forward to seeing what the snow and ice show me here!

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