Day 128 – Back to Basics

Back to Basics

I had not much to choose from for Day 128.  In fact, I only had one shot to choose and this is it.  I came up behind this Amish buggy and decided that it needed shooting – and not the Amish drive by variety (clip, clop, BANG!)

The weather has been rainy on and off with a system circling over us – I heard a local meteorologist calling it the Groundhog’s Day of weather.  Without this dreary weather though, we wouldn’t appreciate the sunny Autumn days that are surely around the corner.


4 thoughts on “Day 128 – Back to Basics

  1. I love this shot. Lovely processing – it adds a real feeling of age to the final image. Love the comment about the Amish Drive By too; very funny! lol!

    • I struggle with taking photos of anything Amish as it is a real invasion of their religious beliefs. But the back of the buggy shows nothing of the riders inside so there is no offense. I felt like a darn tourist though, because they are constantly harassing the Amish with their cameras!

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