Day 127 – Picking up the Pieces

No, I did not ride the Ferris Wheel - I am a coward when I am up high...

I am picking up where I left off on Night 126 with a photo taken on Thursday (09/22/2011).  I am not as overwhelmed with the wall that I have been trying to climb over and it just seems to be the right time to continue.  There have been few photos taken in the past weeks and I am feeling the absence of that bit of creativity in my life.  I am giving myself one rule upon coming back to this project:  Only ONE photo can be chosen by myself to post, no matter how difficult the choice.

This photo is my choice for Thursday the 22nd if only because I love the color of the Ferris wheel so much.  I have several shots taken that I adore and that other people like better, however this is the one that catches my eye and since it is my project, it is my choice!


4 thoughts on “Day 127 – Picking up the Pieces

  1. I love this shot. Wonderful use of exposure. Glad you’ve come back to the 365, and you doing it FOR YOU! That’s the best way. Welcome back

    • Thanks! It is good to be back onto the project. I went out in the rain today to try to capture a bit of Autumn.
      I managed to get my all of my shots Thursday without a tripod – it is amazing how much you can do with a bench, trashcan or food vendor’s trailer.

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