13 Nights Later…

My favorite of the weekend.

And yes, it has been thirteen days since I have taken a photo.  And I still did not take one today.  Life has officially intruded.  I make it a rule that I do not discuss personal issues on line, and today is no exception, however I will share one of the reasons I have not been shooting the countryside up with my camera:  Those woven bracelets I posted on Night 116.  The bracelets are taking every spare moment I have to give – my lovely daughter is selling them as fast as I can make them and I am determined to go on that mission’s trip to the DR in February.  (And now for my shameless plug:  If you would like to purchase one of my woven wonders, I do take color requests and will send one out to you for the low, low price of $5.00.  And that is a good price indeed for the pain my hands are suffering at this point.)

Sandy and I .

I am posting the photos I took in St. Charles, IL while at the scrapbooking expo with my friend, Sandy.  I really should have posted sooner, but this is all I have to give right now.  My apologies to those of you whom I follow for the lack of participation on my part.


One thought on “13 Nights Later…

  1. That’s gorgeous! So crisp for a nighttime shot!

    And do you have a way to get donations through PayPal? I could send you some Romanian lei via snail mail, but that probably wouldn’t help you very much.

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