Night 123

A toddler's view of Chicago Road.

Night 123 is here!  My daughter sits beside me weaving a friendship bracelet, Yes Man is the noise in my background along with the chirp of a cricket right outside the door and I am actually chilly enough to have a throw over my lap to warm me, except my toes are sticking out and they are little ice cubes!

The Strand - it is showing 5 films right now, none of which I would like to see.

Today I dodged the intermittent sprinkles and took a walk around downtown Sturgis.  It was nice and cloudy so the color saturation was nice and not too much was overexposed.  I wandered by the empty old Moose Lodge and liked the glass brick windows – the building itself is in terrible repair and sits in a hopeless wait with a for sale sign leaning against the door; the stately old Christmere House which is an abandoned bed and breakfast here in town – it is sad to see this beautiful lady falling apart and decaying and in need of rescue; I visited the front of Willers Shoes, where a cheerful planter of flowers modeled graciously; the Strand Theater with its colorful marquee – I am thinking that I will be visiting her with my tripod some night soon.  I like walking our downtown district – there are very few vacant storefronts and there is always great music playing along the sidewalk as you pass by the windows.  I skipped Great Lakes and a couple of other buildings today as the rain started to fall again.  Maybe another day, or perhaps night.

Glass block windows on the Moose Lodge.

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