Night 122

I knew it was too good to last and I am back to “night”; and so I bring to you, night 122.

The dahlia gardens at Bonneyville Mill call me each year with their vibrant color and the beauty of the blooms.  You would think that after 4 years of shooting the same garden, I might get sick of it, but each year brings new explosions of color.  I can’t resist them.  The Elkhart branch of the American Dahlia Society outdoes itself every year.  Today as I darted in and out of the rows of flowers (dart might be a strong word), a lovely Hispanic family came over to look at the flowers and to take a couple of photos of each other holding their sweet little girl.  I asked if they would like me to take a photo for them so they could get one all together and they did a nice little pose in the midst of the flowers.

I had to force myself to walk away from the garden after I had taken 67 photos and I had to force myself to delete a good many of the shots because they were all nice to look at.  I have found that when I have that many photos that I like, I have to do the split second choices.  Open two and quickly decide which is better.  I prefer to think that my first instinct is a good one and that I didn’t toss the best shot of the day.  My favorite of today is the pink bud, which is why it didn’t make it into a collage, but I am second guessing my decision to delete the other two photos of it.  Oh well.  Que sera sera…


6 thoughts on “Night 122

    • Most of my family and friends liked the purple one the best as well, however my favorite is the yellow/pink one that looks as though it is on fire.
      This flower garden is a constant temptation for me each summer, Pablo, because the dahlias are so huge and the colors amazing!

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