Night 120

Night 120 –  I am trying to get back into the groove, however it was a struggle to make myself take camera in hand and find a shot for this project.  I have a stack of new books begging to be read, colored floss to be knotted into bracelets in an effort to raise money for a missions trip, two children and a husband who like to spend time with me and a calendar that is filled to the top of each day.

So this is what you get – an old schoolhouse near here that now serves as a storage building for farm equipment.  I wondered as I looked at the steps leading to the door of the school, about all of the children who passed through the entrance, at the games played in the school yard and what became of them all.


6 thoughts on “Night 120

  1. If this is what we get when you’re not feeling inspired, keep it up! (But I do hope you get your picture-taking groove back. It’s a bummer when it feels like a chore, isn’t it?)

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