Afternoon 121

Afternoon 121 – And it is coming in while the sun is still shining.

The Gene Stratton-Porter site is located in Rome City, IN on the shore of Sylvan Lake.  Sylvan Lake is a “fast” lake teeming with jet skis and motor boats that speed by noisily.  I am not a fan of the fast lakes and the noise pollution they create, but Gene Stratton-Porter is an oasis amid the chaos.  As walk through the tall trees, everything filtering green takes me back to walks through the state forest with my uncle Mike when I was a young girl.  The foliage mutes the sounds coming from the water and I can imagine the serenity Ms. Porter enjoyed as a naturalist while living in this lake.  There is an abundance of plant life, benches to rest on and birds flitting all around.  The log home has a wonderful porch facing the lake that affords a spectacular view.

I set out today to photograph the flora and the fauna and to my dismay, I discovered the lack of an SD card in my camera when I got there.  It was a perfect day to see what the iphone could do and I must say, I am quite pleased.  I had to delete the majority of what I shot, but there were a few gems mixed in.

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