Night 113

It is never day when I post my photo(s) of the day, so welcome to night 113.  I wasn’t very inspired to photograph anything today; I am still recovering from the trauma of yesterday and will be for a long time.  As uninspired as I was, I did a status update on Facebook and asked for some ideas.  Architecture and buildings are what were the most asked for so I headed to Shipshewana, IN with the idea of shooting one of the buildings there or the grain elevator.  The light was good and contrasty today and color was popping like mad.  Shipshe was crawling with tourists today though and they made it a fairly annoying photo jaunt today; either someone was walking over me, bumping me or trying to run me over all the while staring at me.  You would think many of these people had never seen a camera, or maybe it was the shock of seeing someone who wasn’t being offensive and trying to take a photo of an Amish person.

I did get one shot with the Davis Mercantile in it, though it is more of a backdrop than anything else.  I really hated the photos I took of the grain elevator, and of the Blue Gate, and was getting a bit desperate when I looked up and saw the street sign with the Mercantile behind it.  On my way back to my car, I stopped long enough to take two quick photos of a buggy and one of a wind chime at at shop entrance.

And now my headache has become too bothersome, so I will bid you adieu.


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