Day 112

Day 112 – My Bonnie lost her fight today and I lost a piece of my heart.  My friend, Kate, said it right: “It’s sometimes hard to believe that something so small can leave such a big hole in your heart.”  I am broken today.

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4 thoughts on “Day 112

  1. I am sorry for your loss. She looks to have been a beautiful little girl. When you really think about it, it’s not so amazing that furry friends make a home in our hearts – who else loves us when we’re not so lovable to our fellow human beings? Who else knows that sometimes when we cry, what we need most is some physical contact and silence, just a calming presence to know we are not alone? I hope that your heartache eases quickly and your happy memories last forever.

    • Oh Karen, she was simply gorgeous. Bonnie is the only cat I ever specifically picked out for myself. She was skittish around other people and didn’t really like to be held, however she would lay for hours beside me. If we petted her, she would walk back and forth, meowing constantly wanting more, more, more! And her tail! She loved it when you would run your hand up her tail then pull her behind up in the air. Silly little cat – I miss her terribly!

    • Right now, it is hard to think about her; if I do, I start to cry. Her loss has been harder than any other pet I have lost.
      I look at my feisty kitten (8 months old) now though and she makes me giggle and that is good enough.

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