Day 110

Day 110 was here and is soon gone.  We had some wicked looking skies today; boiling clouds rapidly scudding toward me in what looked like layer after layer.  I had left my camera on my desk with the sprinkling rain that had started, so I pulled out my iphone and snapped 5 quick photos of the quickly approaching front.  Yowza!  I drove toward the airport in hopes of having a better vista of this spectacle of clouds, but it was moving so fast that by the time I got there the rain was coming down in sheets and the sky was all deep dark clouds.  It was amusing to watch the irrigation sprinkler in one of the fields merrily spraying as the skies unloaded all of that rain.

We had a great class at the library tonight, Graphic Wizardry – this photoshop class was aimed at beginners and we had a great instructor, Jared Rarick of The Orange Room.  Excellent instruction and patience with a myriad of questions, I was impressed with Jared’s teaching style.  My son, Michael, took the class tonight and came away with a better understanding about why I like the program so much and wanting to learn more.  He is going to Jared’s next class to be held in Three Rivers in two weeks and is quite excited about it.

Jared Rarick of The Orange Room conducting Photoshop class for beginners at Sturgis District Library


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