Day 108

Day 108.  The sun has been a splendid subject this summer.  The warm color it casts on everything in the late afternoon hours, the golden hour that it gives us are a magnet for me and my lens.  This evening brought a break in the humidity and even though it was still in the 80’s, it felt cool and comfortable.  The cicadas buzzing in the trees are telling me, though, that the warm season is coming to an end.  I drove to nearby Three Rivers tonight and during the drive, I left the stereo off and the windows halfway open.  The sounds of my night:  Crickets chirping at the roadside, cicadas buzzing high in the trees, the wind blowing against my open window, the rhythmic shoop shoop shoop of the irrigation sprinklers and the sound of water hitting the crops in the fields, the displaced air as cars passed by.  I am not ready for summer to end.

One thought on “Day 108

  1. I can practically feel that heat! And it’s funny, I don’t think I’ve heard any crickets here in Romania. Thanks for reminding me what a glorious tell-tale sign (and sound) of summer they are.

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