Day 107

Day 107 brings you BLUEBERRIES!  Yesterday I went to Eicher’s blueberry farm and spent 35 minutes picking a bucketful of blueberries.  I have never been blueberry picking and this was a spur of the moment trip after my co-worker, Julie, brought 2 Ziploc bags of them into the library yesterday as I was getting ready to leave.

When I got to the blueberry farm, I was given a bucket and a rope with which to tie it around my waist – this was so I could pick with two hands and not have to hold the bucket – and I was led to my target bushes.  I started on a lovely blueberry bush filled with large, lovely blueberries and the sun beating on the back of my head.  Every so often I would have to swat the Japanese beetles away and every so often I would hear crows arguing in the distance.  It made me wonder if the crows were waiting impatiently for everyone to leave so they could come eat the fruit that had dropped to the ground.  At a set of bushes somewhere to my right, I could hear a young mother and her son and daughter talking as they picked; occasionally the kids would start arguing about who was putting what berry into whose bucket and it made me quite thankful that my complaining two weren’t with me, but had me envying the memories that the mom and kids were making.

When I filled my bucket, I headed to the barn to get them weighed and I was quite surprised to find that I had picked almost 6 pounds of blueberries off just the one bush.  Today I baked:  One blueberry cake from an Amish friendship bread starter and one blueberry pie.  I gave Mom about 3 pounds of the berries, gave a bag of them to my wonderful landlords and a container of them to our neighbors,  Doug and Wanda.  I wonder if I should go back out to get some to freeze?


2 thoughts on “Day 107

  1. Blueberries … I’m drooling. We haven’t been able to find them here yet, and man, these look scrumptious! I’d even brave some Japanese beetles (eek!) for a bucket.

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