Day 103

Day 103 – Today we had a wonderful artist, Bruce Langton, come into the library to do a presentation for the kids.  I have worked with Bruce many times in the past when I ran my old bookstore and asked him to come in for book signings and he is one of my very favorites.  Bruce is a wild life artist who has also illustrated many books for Sleeping Bear Press, including H is for HoosierWin One For the Gipper and Full Count; a Baseball Numbers Book.  We have 8 of his books here at the house, all signed for the kids.

During the program, Bruce gave the kids a short drawing lesson and they all cartooned a lady bug (the library got the drawing Bruce did!) and I took quite a few photos.  This is one of my favorites.

6 thoughts on “Day 103

  1. Love the look of concentration on his face. And he’s holding that pencil exactly right for this to be a library publicity shot (with the URL)! =>

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