Day 102

Day 102 – I sit here with a pounding head from a very stressful day.  I spent the better part of the day at the salvage yard because with the impeccable timing that time itself has, the alternator went out in Bob’s car.  It seems that if it is not one thing with that car, it is another.  One word of advice:  Do not EVER buy a Ford Taurus.  I did manage to wander the junkyard with my camera but I was dripping wet with the heat and humidity within moments so my creativity was a bit stunted today.

After getting home, we took Bonnie Lou to the vet for a time prognosis.  Dr. Lindamood listened to her heart and lungs and felt her liver.  Her heart was calmed from the wildly erratic beating of yesterday to normal with a gallop, her lungs seem to be free of all fluid (Thank you to Southwest Michigan Animal Hospital for the diuretic shot), and her liver is enlarged with the mass on it.  He did say the the liver may be enlarged because of the heart problem – when the heart stresses like that it can push a lot of blood into the liver, enlarging it and the mass MAY be part of that enlargement.  She is continuing with her heart meds and goes back Friday afternoon to see how things look.  We are taking a wait and see attitude about it.  I dearly love that tiny pussycat.

I am so ready to look at the backs of my eyelids…


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