Day 100!

Day 100 is here!  What a milestone and as per the usual, coming in after midnight.  I really struggled with what I wanted to photograph today.  I didn’t really feel like taking my camera out at home, didn’t want to go to any one place around here, and wandered around Mom’s yard distracted by the song of a cardinal hidden in some shrubs – he and I had a nice conversation as he trilled and I whistled back. I deleted every photo I took except for the cherry tomatoes.

Later on, we headed out to the river to have a swim in the flowing water and I made Tanka pies over the campfire.  I deleted every single photo I took at the river bend tonight as well.  So I am stuck with tomatoes…


5 thoughts on “Day 100!

    • Well, I was hoping for something a bit more…. Spectacular for the big 100. But as with all high expectations, we get put right into our places. And we have to find the beauty in the mundane.

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