Day 97

Day 97 has been a beautiful day.  Great day at work and an even better night with Mom, the kids and two of my fabulous uncles at the Lagrange County Fair.  This fair is a VERY rural affair with a lot of 4H animals on display, little girls in cowboy boots paired with shorts and Amish teens milling about.  The grandstand venue for tonight was a very LOUD tractor pulling contest.  Black smoke belched into the air with hair raising engines screaming had me pitying the work horses housed in a barn near the track.  Poor fellows.  I wonder if they make ear plugs large enough to fit a Clydesdale’s ear canal.

There was a small midway for the kids to enjoy – about 10 rides total and to my surprise, they were offering wristbands for $15.00 so that the kiddos could ride those 10 rides endlessly.  Mine just settled for a spin on the Tilt-A-Whirl; they are waiting for the much larger St. Joseph County Fair in September.


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