Day 95

Day 95 – I actually skipped day 95; the book won my attention.  I ended up spending the evening reading the newest Stephanie Plum and giggling like an idiot and making my daughter a woven bracelet for her ankle.

My muse has been very quiet today; I drove around for an hour tonight looking for something interesting and found zilch.  So, I headed to Kroger for some ice cream to share with the kids and thought to myself, “Self?  Why not go to Omena Lake when it gets dark and photograph the lights reflecting on the water?”  So, I did.  I wasn’t very comfortable with the time out near the lake as I could hear some men talking at a house nearby and I didn’t want them to think I was skulking around.  I made it a quick one and didn’t really get the photo I wanted, but oh well, here it is…


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