Day 88

Day 88 –  Today brings you 235 years of independence for the awesome country I am blessed to live in.  We have the right to complain, to celebrate, to say what needs to be said and to do what is right.  We have generations to thank for our freedoms.  I consider myself one of the most fortunate women in the world to be in this place of my birth with every advantage and every right that I have been granted.

Thank you to those who have fought through the years for every right we take for granted and thank you to those who are still fighting the good fight.  May God bless America and all other lands upon His earth.

•This is my mother’s flag, taken with a 25 second exposure and 100 ISO – the setting gives it that multi-layered look.•


5 thoughts on “Day 88

    • I had a hard time choosing which shot of this one to use; there was something about each one, and I am actually second guessing myself on this choice because there is another that I might like better. DRAT!

  1. Nothing like the Red, White, and Blue! This is the first American flag I’ve seen in a while, and it makes me proud and nostalgic and homesick, all at the same time.

    • I just popped over to your page and I now understand why you haven’t seen the American flag for a while, Stacia. I think I shall be subscribing to your page after looking through a few of your photos – fabulous!

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