Day 87

Day 87 – My oh my, I can not seem to get home early enough to get anything posted.  With the exception of the past two days when I just didn’t feel like even touching my computer, the rest of this project has found me wrapping things up so late at night.  Tonight we ended up getting home from the fireworks here in town at about 11:30 pm.  They started fairly late to let the sky get nice and dark and the show lasted quite long, which was a bit of a surprise.    This is actually the first time I have watched the fireworks in Sturgis, having lived here and in the area since 1989.  Parking was a pain in the behind – we had to drive through a gully at the airport to get into the field they were parking us all in.  Then during the show, we were treated to a car load of teenagers proclaiming that the fireworks were RED!  BLUE!  Screaming MIMIS!  SATURN! GREEN! WHOOOSH! It just went on and on ad nauseum, the chatter losing its charm after about 5 minutes.  Then we just started to laugh at the silly kids.  Oh!  And getting out of the parking lot was awful, especially for someone as impatient as I am.  Bob went with it though and just sat and let car and car out of parking spaces when we would move an inch or two.  I had him follow a few cars through the front lawn of one of the businesses to a side street I know though, and soon we left the stalled lot behind.  It was really a super nice night.  Tomorrow is going to be a quiet day; we had thought about going to the big lake (Michigan) but finances are tight and I am just ready for a day of nuttin’.  We might go to Colon (yes, it really is called Colon) for more fireworks tomorrow.  We’ll see.  Happy 4th to my American friends!

Here are the rest of the photos I took tonight:

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5 thoughts on “Day 87

    • Thanks! They are the first fireworks I have done with digital that have turned out. I think it may be that I finally upgraded to a good camera – the little point and shoots just don’t have the options!

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