Day 83

Day 83 – After a particularly exhaustive day at work, I was happy to drive the kids to Elevate at the church and head to the river for some peace, some quiet, some breeze and sunshine, and some time to finish the book I started last night, Unnatural Issue by Mercedes Lackey.

As I sat reading my book, I could hear ducks out on the river getting annoyed and woodpeckers in the trees around me tap, tap, tapping.  The robins were announcing their territories with beautiful song, the red-winged blackbirds were sounding with their trill and the killdeers were flying over the corn, “Killdeer!  Killdeer!”

Now I am baking Michael’s birthday cake and will be frosting it as soon as it cools – he has in mind a Detroit Tiger’s cake.  I can not believe that my baby boy is going to be a teenager tomorrow; it seems only yesterday that I was cradling him against the crook of my neck, exhausted but exultant over his perfection.  Turn back time for one hour and quiet time with my tiny boy, counting fingers and toes and the scent of his skin.


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