Day 82

CLASSIFICATION : Toads are classified in the phylum -Chordata, subphylum -Vertebrata, class -Amphibia, order -Anura. The genus that includes more than 300 species is Bufo of the family Bufonidae. Besides Bufo, the family includes 25 genera. The giant toad is classified as Bufo marinus. The American toad is classified as Bufo americanus and the southern toad as Bufo terrestris.

Day 82 – This tiny fellow, or fellowette, was down by the riverbank while Michael was fishing.  I don’t care what kind of baby animal it is, when the animal is this tiny, it is just darn CUTE!  A couple of weeks ago when we were out to the river for a cook out, we found another just like this.  I was completely fascinated with this little creature that was no bigger than my thumbnail.  When we were finished cooing over it, we released it on the hill that leads back down to the river bank.

3 thoughts on “Day 82

  1. So Cute! We used to call these “Peepers”, they don’t get any bigger and I would find them in the grass hopping away when my Dad mowed. We would then rescue them and put them in our sand box castles and moats. Could never figure out why they would disappear, they were too small to hop out. Mom never told me that birds like these little guys.

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