Day 79

White's Bridge, Smyrna, MI

Day 79 would officially be over for the past 2 and a half hours, but I am figuring that since I am still awake, it is day 79 still.

I headed north about 3 hours and spent the day with my wonderful friend, Bonnie, visiting, having lunch and then heading out to White’s Bridge to do some shooting.  When I got home at 6:15 pm, Bob and I headed out to the campsite for a cookout and Oh my goodness!  I have far too many photos today!  I would have to estimate that I shot over 200 photos today.  Egad!  I did quick edits in raw but with the sheer volume it was not a quick job.  A lot of favorites are turning up, and a lot of not so favorites have been discarded – you just never know what is going to suit your fancy at a given moment!

Since I am tired of looking at photos for the night, I just grabbed a shot I liked when I got to it in photoshop after raw.  Big yawn and I am going to bed!


One thought on “Day 79

  1. You do such a great job with reflective surfaces, Cyndi, with making the photo look so sharp and clear that it looks like I could throw a pebble at this water it would splash. Love this.

    I had a similarly photographically overloaded day and still have many photos that need some editing. This is not my favorite part of photography, I must admit!!

    I’m glad you had a nice day & visit 🙂

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