Day 78

Day 78  was a fairly rough day.  It started out well enough and went into a valley at right around noon when the popcorn machine that we borrowed from my mother died at the library.  Then it proceeded to dip further when Bob called and told me that his transmission, yes, the transmission that had us all twisted for 5 months, decided to take a poop as well.  I was “in. a. mood.” for the rest of my work day and ended up leaving at 4:oo pm to go to find out what I could about Bob’s car.  A new transmission is being ordered and should be here this coming week and Bob will be driving a loaner.  The popcorn machine is on hiatus until I buy Mom a new one (grrrrrrrr!)

But there is always the upside hill to every valley.  When I got home, Bob, Michael and I all went to dinner and Fiesta Mexicana for the first time and I had the most fabulous BLUE margarita ever!  I do not as a rule drink, but decided to indulge in one drink tonight.  WOW!  It sure packed a punch!  We ended up heading to the bowling alley and I actually bowled 3 games- all under 100 because I am such a power bowler.  I never ended up getting a photo tonight so I am posting one of my favorites from Wednesday night – my favorite bend in the river.  Such peace for my soul….  Just looking at this photo is balm for my battered spirits.


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