Day 77

Day 77 – I am skidding in forty-five minutes under the wire tonight.  I had the thought that I might skip my post tonight but  I had already taken the time earlier today to get my photo around and edit it, so that thought was put aside.  I managed to finish a book that I have had checked out for over 2 weeks and only started yesterday.  With reserves on it and it being a day overdue and having it calling to me insistently, I spent last night and tonight reading it.  I am not sorry that I finally took the time to immerse myself in my bit of tawdry fiction.  I can recommend Charlaine Harris’ newest Sookie Stackhouse book if you are into a bit of urban fantasy with a bite.  I can’t say that I recommend the True Blood television series based on this set of books, but the novels themselves are a fun piece of fluff.  I am going to read The Reading Promise by Alice Ozma this weekend – it looks like a great little memoir, or the new Mercedes Lackey book.  Hmmm….  Decisions….

The little flower I chose today brings me back to childhood when I would pick bouquets of these flowers for Mom, tearing up the skin on my fingers as I tried to break the tough stems.  Now I am content to photograph the wildflower and preserve the beauty without destroying the flower.


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