Day 66

It is Day 66 and the weather was stunning:  Cool, breezy and sunshine flooding everything and making color so vibrant.  I stumbled my way through some woods today and this little bug, a dragonfly of some sort, stared me down as I snapped shot after shot of him or her.  God has poured so much beauty into all of His creation.

I did have a bit of excitement on my way home as a Shetland horse decided to run wild and lead his Amish owner on a chase.  The Amish gentleman gave chase on his bicycle and traffic was halted on this quiet country road.  Poor horse looked so spooked.  Before I had a chance to offer my services in getting his bicycle home, a lovely woman and her son were loading the bike into their minivan and headed to his home.  There is so much good in people and it was great to see someone who was blessed to be a blessing.


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