Day 65

Day 65  has been a good day – the knee is still growling at me, but YaY!!!  We finally got Bob’s car back after 5 months of fighting to get the transmission fixed.  Sam from B & S has been fighting to get the LICENSED transmission guy to either get it re-built CORRECTLY or give it back to him and give him his money back since January.  But!  He did indeed take the car back Monday, found a used transmission with 16k miles on and popped it in.  I am a happy girl.

Bob and I decided that after it sat for so many months, it would be a good idea to take it out and drive it so we hopped onto 80/90 toll road and went to Cracker Barrel for dinner.  YUM!  My raspberry tea – to die for.  Mmmmmm!  Delightful!  AND!  As I walked through the gift shop, I saw something I hadn’t seen since childhood.  A GIANT SUGAR DADDY SUCKER!!!!  We used to drive through Frankenmuth on our way to visit family when I was a child and we lived in the thumb of Michigan.  Dad would stop at Raus and let us get giant Slo Pokes and giant Sugar Daddy’s.  Such a step back in time for me.  So I had to have it even though the silly thing cost $10.00!  The kids’ eyes popped when they walked in the house tonight after a trip north with my mom and they took a look at this beauty!


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