Day 64

Day 64 comes a day late yet again.  My gimpy knee was giving me so much trouble last night that I just said forget it and I wasn’t about to post a doggone thing…

This little fellow is called Boondock, or just Dock for short.  He is such a cute little guy with the biggest feet; he is going to be a big boy someday soon.  Yesterday when I went out to see Sam at the junkyard, I met Dock.  He and the other dog who live out there do not fit that old junkyard dog stereotype.  They are personality dogs – they are used to people coming in and out of the place: car repairs are always being done, people are looking for spare parts, cars are being junked and let’s just face it, some of us just like Sam and Ella, who own the place.  My trip in yesterday was for a couple of used tires for the front of my beloved Buick.  I just can’t afford new ones right now and Sam got me taken care of.  My father was never one to go to a dealership or garage to get car work done – he did most of it himself while we were growing up and he utilized salvage yards to get the parts he needed.  When we moved here, he found B & S and we have patronized them since.  It has been a long relationship and even though Dad is no longer with us, I thank him for his wisdom.


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