Day 61

Day 61 – I spent 40 minutes in the steaming, sweltering, shimmering hot Walmart parking lot waiting for the kids to cash in some bottle deposits tonight.  A lot of humanity goes in and out of those sliding doors in 40 minutes.  Looking at the color of the light, it had a golden sheen and everything stood out in high contrast.  I sat in my car taking photo after photo of the dirty truck parked in front of me, my cell phone and the photo of Bob and I on it,  my earrings, my stereo, my camera in the rear view;  I did not photograph the people of Walmart.


One thought on “Day 61

  1. Gritty and grungy, it looks humid, looks sticky and ideal for “waiting in the car” can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that waiting at softball games etc.

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