Day 52

Day 52 has been a wild one for the weather. We all went, in cloudy weather, to our awesome (!♥) church today and enjoyed Pastor Paul’s message about Revolutionary Love.  It was the final service for Kevin Baker, our worship arts pastor; he will be sorely missed, but he has a great replacement in Dustin Peckinpaugh whose voice is a gift from above and who can play a mean guitar.

When we got home, Michael and I set out on our walk, knowing that severe weather was on the horizon – we got in just over 3 miles and introduced a bit of running to the routine.  I am so proud of my son.

The weather came through with severe storm warnings and plenty of tornado warnings all around us; it ended up blowing over us with just a downpour and very dark clouds.  Boy, was I thankful for that!  After the rain cleared, I headed to my Aunty Bonnie’s house to get a couple of shots of her irises and look who stopped in for a rest after the rain!


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