Day 51

Aahhhh….  Day 51.  Started out the day by sleeping in a bit – what a nice start to the day!  I got everyone a cheap greasy breakfast at good ol’ Micky D’s, which we all enjoyed; I am fond of the nice hot mocha’s they serve, because they taste yummy and let’s face it – they are cheaper than the coffee shop.  Mmmm…. Coffee.

The kids and I took off after breakfast, taking every back road we could find to Fremont, IN and the outlet mall.  Michael and I were in need of some new shoes for walking and I had promised Sam a visit to the Justice store for some new shorts and tops.  We picked a great day to go because everything at Justice was 40% off and the shoes were buy one pair, get the 2nd half off.  My new shoes make me walk way more faster and gooder!

On the way home, I took the time to stop at a nice green wooded area and snap a few photos of the lushness.  It is amazingly beautiful in this area, way off the beaten path. 


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