Day 45

Day 45 – What a gorgeous Sunday!  Fabulous service at church – it is all about the F Bomb!  The term F You takes on a whole new meaning when it is all about forgiveness!

Michael and I had a date today to walk.  We ended up taking a 3.8 mile stroll.  The sun was hot and the wind was refreshing.  Walking down a road that you normally drive shows you so many things you normally miss.  The wind was blowing the long grass in waves, the brown plowed field are just showing growth and I saw the prettiest little meadow that I had no idea existed beyond the windows of my car.

As I pondered what I wanted to photograph tonight my little eye spied my bowl of the bestest treat I can give myself:  Smarties.  Tart, sweet and a tasty treat.  I ate my subject tonight after I was done photographing them from every angle – I feel ever so much smarter!

4 thoughts on “Day 45

  1. To a Brit those aren’t real Smarties! 🙂 Just reading the name is giving me withdrawal symptoms. I’ll have to go find some Green & Blacks to get over it.

  2. you’re exactly right if people thought about the “F Bomb” being forgiveness the world would be a much nicer place. BTW I love Smarties too.

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