Day 44

Day 44 – I have been WIPED OUT today.  The end of the very long and mostly boring workshop yesterday, the long drive home and the long night spent removing the 22 pieces of malware generously given to me by the folks over at DeviantArt made for a sleeeeeepy day for me. 

The weather was so beautiful that I hated to waste it, especially since they are calling for some boomers in the sky this tomorrow and Monday.  I headed out and bought a couple of Gerber daisies, some petunias and impatiens.  This is the first time I have actually planted flowers since we have lived in this home.  I am a girl who likes her flowers so I don’t really know why I didn’t plant last year!

I dearly love Gerber daisies.  They are so cheerful.  And I am so happy to be home  — the nap I took on the couch today was pretty swell too!

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