Day 42

Day 42 has been nothing but rainy and foggy, however, since I am sitting in this fairly uninspiring workshop, I guess it doesn’t not matter.  The last speaker finished early so we got a longer break — Yippee!

The Otsego Club is nestled in some nice hills and they have nice green slopes groomed for your grass skiing pleasure.  There has been a nice fog over the breadth of the valley and today with the rain, it has cleared enough to get a photo of it.  I really want a photo of a ski lift…

The rain is falling in a coarse mist and covering everything with droplets.  The grass is glistening as are the trees. My hair is flat…

This last photo was taken with my co-worker, Aaron, in mind.  Julie and I were giggling as we saw this sign come in to view. 


4 thoughts on “Day 42

  1. If this was at a ski resort the pantywaist would be me. I found out last year I don’t have the skiing legs I used too. We rode to the top of Copper Mt in Colorado and skiing back down at the end of the day was just a little more than I could handle.

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