Day 41

It is day 41 and I sit here beyond tired.  I have been in the most unimaginably awful, horrible, mind numbingly boring seminar today.  It all started at 8:00 am with a welcome speech that was said too fast with volume that was too low and went downhill from there.  90 minutes about children’s story time, 90 minutes about collection selection, 90 minutes about weeding books, 90 minutes about the dewey decimal system and to top it all off, 90 minutes about genealogy and today’s library.  The 90 minutes about weeding?  Actually only 15 minutes about weeding book – the other 75 minutes we listened to the speaker reading book reviews verbatim from Baker and Taylor’s Titlesource 3.   Oh!  And the air conditioning was was blowing ice cubes at us as well – likely aimed at keeping us awake.  Gahhhhhhhh!  Thank you, Library of Michigan, for the chills and thrills!

At least my bed is comfortable, I found a bit of chocolate and the flowers that are just starting to bloom this far north are very pretty.  Two more days.  Can I possibly survive this?


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