Day 40

Day 40 finds me far from home.  I am in Gaylord, MI for a library training conference.  Gaylord is 2 to 3 weeks behind us in the season, trees are barely leafed and the underbrush is still very brown. The drive up to Lansing was as bland looking as usual but once we got closer to Mt. Pleasant the countryside got prettier.  A lot of birch trees and scrubby pines line the roads and marsh lands are abundant.  As we neared the North Higgins Lake area off to my right we passed a particularly marshy and watery area – as I oohed and ahhed over it I noticed a stand of about 12 trees clumped together all with huge nests perched in them; a large bird was silhouetted on one of them.  I wonder what kind of birds they are that nest so closely together?

Julie, my co-worker, was impressed with how pretty the town is.  My Uncle Leo and Aunt Dorothy made their home here while they were still with us and we used to visit them. 

We are going to go to Norms, one of the awesomest stores EVER and we are NOT stopping at Gobblers for lunch on any day!  Ick.


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