Day 38

Day 38 found more rain, rain, rain falling.  I was up way too late THIS MORNING setting up a new website – I have decided to make the leap and I am going to actually sell my photographic services instead of giving them away.  After looking at what other people are selling, I knew that I was ready.  My new friend, Kelly, told me that it is time as well.  So there you go…

The flowers outside are absolutely amazing.  With the web page set up, I really had no time to get out to find another subject, so again, we are looking at the flora around me. 

The weeping fig is in my mother’s yard and the blooming this year is stunning.  We were not expecting such an abundance of flowers this year with a great bloom last year as the tree usually does not perform two years in a row, but the tree must have been happy with the rain and cool weather this year because it is most cooperative.

My backyard is full of the little purple violets.  The dog hasn’t trampled them – they are such hardy little weeds and my daughter doesn’t have a vase small enough to put them in, so they are safe again this year.

Grape Hyacinth

I am thinking that Lucy, our dog, might be my model tomorrow.  No real time then either as I am getting ready for a week of library classes in Gaylord for the rest of the week.  sigh.  I am already missing my family.


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