Day 37

Day 37 is a rainy, rainy day.  It is a nice soaking rain at the moment; nice and cool outside with low humidity.  I am looking out the door and all I see is a sea of green with all of the foliage.  This a beautiful day.

I was fortunate to have my subject present itself to me during one of the dry moments of this day.  I headed out to check on Bob’s car at the garage where we have been awaiting a transmission fix for far too long and this car was sitting, just waiting for me.

It is a nifty little car if a bit of the junky side – I think it needs a bit too much TLC for the average handyman.  I have been itching to get my camera out at this place to get some photos – my mechanic actually runs a junk yard and you should see all of the cool cruddy vehicles out there.  The place would be a perfect place if the theme was “decay.”


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