Day 36

Day 36 – I had a short day at work today as I work tomorrow, and had a nice drive to the nearby outlet mall to get some wallflowers at Bath and Body Works.  I saw some ‘new brush’ by taking an unfamiliar road and I have to say, there are some really beautiful farmsteads in this area.  Fields are freshly plowed and you can smell the dirt in the air and oh!  The green is so verdant!

Samantha’s class returned from their camping trip and I made it into town on time to get her picked up from the school just as they returned.  Boy, did her teacher look WIPED OUT!  I would be too if I had just spent 3 days and 2 nights with a class full of 5th graders!  She had a ball though and has been talking non-stop about what they did.  I am so glad that the weather was perfect for this trip.

Sam and I decided to go out to the back yard to see what was screaming out to be photographed and on our way out the doors I spotted her bubble wand.  Samantha graciously agreed to blow some bubbles for me and these are a few of what we got.  I love my continuous shutter setting because I got to snap away while she twirled.

And now it is raining so hard outside; no thunder, just a nice heavy rain.  I am tempted to go out and frolic in it with my shoes off and my toes in the wet grass – it has been so stinking hot!


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