Day 34

Day 34 found me coming home on this nice hot spring day.  Long and busy day at work for me and I was pooped when I got home.  I spent the day at the library doing circulation, then heading out to the stacks and into the mass market paperbacks to pull two carts of books for deletion.  I got them deleted and the bib records removed then headed out to the foyer of the library to finish my display window for our summer reading program.  After spending the latter part of the day in a cramped window, ironing back drops, hanging decor and getting everything ‘just so’, I was happy with the result but sweaty and tired.

I got home and sat on the sofa to visit with Bob and talk about our days when we heard a thump on the bay window.  Birds often fly into the reflecting glass.  I went outside to check on the bird and saw nothing but a tiny downy feather on the glass.  Bob was looking out the window and saw this tiny creature practically under my right foot.

He came out to have a look at her with me and we didn’t notice that she had any serious injury but she looked as though one wing was drooping just a wee bit.  Her eyes were a half closed and she looked stunned.  We scooped her up onto a flyer for the church cafe, Common Grounds, and gently stroked her back as she quietly sat there.

I came inside to call my sweet friend, Tammy, who is my resident wild life expert.  Tammy has a heart for all creature domestic and otherwise and I knew that she would let me know if all was well.  I uploaded a couple of photos of our little bird, thinking that she was a finch, but Tammy took one look and informed me that she is an ovenbird.  She thought that the tiny bird looked okay if a bit stunned and told me to keep an eye on her and if she didn’t fly tonight to just pop a laundry basket over her and give her a dish of water with a bit of Caro syrup in it. 

Before we finished our conversation though, our little bird gathered herself and started to hop around the yard and soon enough flew away.  What a relief – her song is so sweet; I didn’t know that ovenbirds were the birds singing to me each morning!


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