Day 31

Day 31 came to me warm, sunshiney and bright – could not ask for better weather for Mother’s Day.  Bob and Michael headed to Monroe for Pepsi YABA bowling tournaments and Sam and I headed for the church – we were slated to greet.  After close to an hour of shaking hands my hand was aching and my phalanges were fairly creaking (some men do not understand that women are not out to have a hand crushing contest).  Awesome Mother’s Day message today about God’s heart of a mother – Angie Huntley is amazing – watch for her new book!

After church, we met with Mom and Uncle Mike and headed to Grand Rapids; Mom wanted to put a bouquet of purple carnations on her mother’s grave.  I was able to treat Mom to a nice drive today and let her sit back to enjoy the scenery.  It is amazing how much difference one hundred miles can make with advancing greens of spring!

We treated ourselves to the bestest Mother’s Day feast we can think of:  A chili dog from Ball’s in Lowell, MI.  Sublime.  Superb.  Simply heavenly…  On the way from Lowell to Cascade, we took  the scenic route down Grand River Drive to show Sami the house my grandfather built for my grandma; the home my mother grew up in.  She and Uncle Mike took a trip down memory lane as we drove by the homes of old childhood friends.  So nice to hear the reminisces and wonderful that Sam could enjoy hearing about her grandmother’s childhood.  It has been a memorable Mother’s Day, full of love and laughter (and a few tears as well).

You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb ~ Psalm 139:13
Thank you, God, for Mother’s Day and all of the moms who make it possible.

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