Day 27

Day 27 dawned bright and I found myself suffering from the after effects of last week’s cold, allergies and some wisdom teeth letting themselves be known.    I didn’t manage to get me upload done because the allergy relief relieved me so much that I was asleep on the sofa almost as soon as everyone went off to bed.

Bootsie is my mother’s big boy cat.  He adopted us while we lived in Indiana and after Bob and I separated, he moved to Mom’s with me.  She wouldn’t let him go after Bob and I reconciled and now he lives with a sweet little tabby girl named Pippy.  He is ornery, does not like kids, and will bat you with sharp claws exposed if he does not want your attention.  In the house, he is anti-social – the epitome of Cat; outside he exposes his belly for rubs, he follows you around with his tail pointed at the sky, he is the dog of the cat world.  Yesterday was no exception to that rule.  Big old lug…

The cat could very well be man's best friend but would never stoop to admitting it. ~Doug Larson


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