Day 26

Day 26 found me scrambling to find a photo op.  The day started out with me at the vet to get the kitten – we missed her holy terror racing around last night and I am finding that spaying and an incision are not affecting her energy levels tonight.  Work was busy and at 4:30 Samantha showed up in my office so that we could leave immediately for the church – I serve at the Starting Point membership class and Sam wanted to go through this four week session.  We got home at 9:20 tonight and I had not snapped a single photo all day long.

I set up my makeshift studio on the kitchen floor – a flashlight, glass vase, a sheet of glass and some white parchment paper. 

This green tear drop ornament was a gift from my sweet mother, as are all of my ash glass pieces and I decided it would be a good subject tonight.

Booker, the kitten, was all about energy as I crouched on the floor on my hands and knees trying to manually focus the camera, move the glass piece and avoid the whole mess toppling as she bounced around just being herself.  GAHHHHH!!!! 


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