Day 25

It is day 25 and it has been pure joy.  How can it not be with nice weather, sunshine and the people I love surrounding me?

I have a tulip that is as bright as sunshine.  It is the only one in the front yard that the squirrels have not torn the head off and eaten.  I like our squirrels.  They are adorable.  Little black and furry with puffy curling tails – yes, we have black squirrels here.  They are not as aggressive as the brown variety and are so cute that I could just eat them up!

The black squirrels are not cute when they are eating the tulips in the front yard.  The former tulips were cute. 

Now there is just one.


2 thoughts on “Day 25

    • They have not presented themselves as good subjects yet. I will have to go to my mom’s to get a good one – she has a squirrel feeding station that they like to gather at.

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