Day 11

The Smallest Library in my Corner of the World.

Day 11, cold and bright, took me to Athens to meet a friend today for the first time.  Dana is a friend met via facebook via another friend and a creative group and is one of those people that just feels like a kindred spirit.

We were meeting up today because my son wanted to buy her nearly new Ipod touch and chose Athens for its location just about at the middle of the distance between us.  I suggested the library at the center of this gigantic metropolis because the parking is more accessible than other places.  This library is quite possibly the smallest library I have ever seen.  I have a feeling that this parking space for the librarian is likely for the director/cataloger/circ. asst./IT tech/student assistant/handyman all in one.

Those Who Served...

The war memorial just made me melancholy on this sunny day.  To look at all of the names chiseled into the stone plaque and to know what a small village Athens actually is – what an incredible amount of sorrow and suffering this place has suffered through the years.

I should have photographed the large Easter egg hunt signs hung around Athens and especially the large one decorating the funeral parlor’s front yard.  It is obviously a big deal and quite an occasion each year.  Ahhh…  The simple joy of rural living.


2 thoughts on “Day 11

  1. The picture of those that served gave me chills. My oldest is a Marine and my youngest son will be leaving in July. I’m from a small town and it really hits home when you realize what people gave for their country. Thank you for this.

    • My nephew recently came home from his second tour in Afghanistan; scary times indeed. I am so thankful to have him home. He will not be going back as he will be out of the service in September and is recovering from a terrible leg injury he got while playing motorcycle games with his buddies here stateside. Who would have thought he would go through what he did in Afghanistan and come home to nearly die while out playing with friends?
      My prayers will be with your sons.

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