Day 10

Ahhh… My beauty. How you captivate me.

Day 10 found me driving on a non-photographic quest pretty much all day long in the rain, rain, rain.  Little presented itself to me outside to get anything decent.  I suppose that had I really applied myself, I could have taken a nice shot or two, but with Spring’s ugly brown-ness, rain pelting me ungently, gray overhead and cold temps, it just wasn’t anything I really “felt.”

Early morning treasure dug up on a warm stretch of beach.

I wandered around the house when a got home looking for something, anything that looked interesting today. I found Myrtle Beach seashells, an antique painted bottle, a blue glass paperweight, Mt. St. Helens ash glass and 5 glass Easter eggs. 50 photos later, none of which really caught my eye, I settled on these two. Sigh….


2 thoughts on “Day 10

    • I didn’t save even one of those other photos – opened everything in camera raw and narrowed it down to these ones and let the rest go… They really were all just terrible to my eye that day – today my eye might have seen them completely differently! I usually have a terrible time narrowing my choices down (tonight’s batch is especially hard) but that day I just deleted everything in a flash!

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