Day 6


Day 6 finds me sitting in the waiting room at the hospital with family surrounding me.  We have been waiting hours to see our patient.  During the wait, we wandered to the cafeteria where my soft, delectable chocolate muffin begged to be photographed.

Gothic Angles

The outside of the hospital is very gothic indeed.  Samantha asked the last time she came here if the place is haunted because of the angles, the points and the general architecture of the original part of this old building.


6 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. It’s funny, I do the same thing, take pictures of food in random places, it embarrasses my daughter, but oh well what’s a mother of a 16 year old to do?

    • My kids are used to me toting the ol’ cameras around and snapping everything in sight at weird angles; my husband is still trying to wrap his head around the whole compulsion!

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